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June 30 Benjamin

1. I got to see deer, hummingbirds, and starfish up close and personal, go swimming in the third biggest lake in the state, and hang out on a  beautiful beach on the pacific right near the tippy tippy corner of the continental U.S. this last week. That went well because we went camping up there.  yeehaw.

2. In spite of the rather strenuous … testing of the very very *rainy* day at the end of our camping trip, my relationship with lovely Megsie is very strong–we proved it!  That went well because Megsie is amazingly forgiving, gracious, kind, *and* strong–I guess it works out to meek.  I love you Megsie!

3. We got steak and eggs for brekkie this morning.  mega yummer.  That went well because I ordered it to bring home for us.

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June 28 – Arenda

Just one blessing today, but it’s a doozy!
1. My cousin, Heather, had her second baby today! She had had a cesarean section for her first and was really, really hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) this time around. Her doctor, after shaking her confidence by saying her pelvis was likely too small, gave her the go-ahead with one stipulation: that she not go more than two weeks overdue. Today, exactly two weeks overdue, she vaginally gave birth to nine pound, two ounce Nolan Aren!!! I am *so* proud of her!!! This happened because she educated herself about VBACs, hired a doula and, when the time came, did the incredible work of birth!

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So I won’t be posting any blessings for a weekish or so because I’m going camping.  I do intend to write out *by hand* (oh my god!) my blessings, but as to whether that will happen, and as to whether they’ll ever get posted here even if it does, I can’t say.  See you in a week or so.

   Meanwhile, our other contributors will hopefully post once or twice this week =)

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1.  After working a total of 39 hours of overtime in the past two weeks my awesome dad with his amazing ability for finding deals that rock managed to run into a man that had  a 1981 Honda Silverwing 500 that he got (as always) for a killer deal.  So now Jim and I are the very proud owners of a motorcycle.  YIPPEE!

2.  Jim and I are NOT workig any overtime this week and I am oh so happy.

3.  Last nite our friend Dave took us over to an awesome parking lot about two minutes from our house and spent over an hour teaching me more on how to ride a motorcycle.  Everyone says I am doing awesome, I havent killed the engine yet as its a stick shift and I had a lot of fun and have graduated to shifting up to second gear.  Dave is an awesome friend for being willing to share his bike and knowledge and also a great teacher.

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1. We got to go see Scared Faithless by the Seattle Men’s Chorus tonite, and it was hilarious, brilliant, and profoundly moving.  That went well becasue Eliza invited us, and we acquiesed, and because we are in Seattle, where such brilliant things *do* occur.

2. I got to hang out with my lovely wife tonite *quite* late at Scared Faithless, Beth’s Cafe, and Kangaroo and Kiwi, as well as walking around greenlake together.  That went well because she still wants to hang out with me (I know–I still don’t get it either), and because the brilliant Russell and Natalie agreed to have our children overnite

3. I found out that our new (to us) van is already wired for trailer lights, which means we can take our pop up trailer on our camping trip next week.  Yippee.  That went well because my dad arranged for us to have the van, and it already had trailer lights wiring.

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1. Today I got OA‘d, in sense, by Christa, at Mosaic.  We went in there to have dinner. That place is just so kewl, and we had a yummy dinner and heard some great live music. That went well because Christa and Mark and Tim and many others gave their energy and money and ideas to make a non-profit community coffee house possible, and I happened to find out about it.

2. Today I got to go to the zoo with Meg and E.  And we got to see orangutans. and elephants. and pet goats.  and a rabbit.  and one goat started to eat my shoelace. and we rode on the carousel. and the carousel horses were very gnarlily and beautifully painted. That went well because we are members of one of the best zoos in country, and we decided to go today.

3. 3 year old C came out into the darkness tonite where Megs and I were sitting in the hottub, looked up at the crystal clear sky full of stars, and said, “Look at the stars! …. They came back!” That went well because she got out of bed against all her parents’ wishes, and because she is amazingly observant and intelligent, and because either: A. (according to the Bible) god created the stars on day 4, or B. at some point after the chaos following the big bang, (according to wikipedia), minor variations in the distribution of mass resulted in hierarchical segregation of the features that are found in the current universe; such as clusters and superclusters of galaxies. Or maybe both. or neither. 😉

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Benjamin June 21

1. We had a totally gnarley solstice party which I immensely enjoyed, and at which I drank rather a lot of alcohol.  And a whole bunch of really kewl people came, including one of my favorite people (let them bat that around =).  (I love the way you can end a parenthetical statement with a sideways smiley =).  That went well because my super amazing wife invited initiated, prepared for, and invited lot of people to the party.  And because the solstice is a great excuse to celebrate.  and we know so many kewl people.  And god created grapes and hops on the third day =).

2. We got to go down to the Australian consualte and talk to Len Reid, the consular officer (or whatever his position is called) to renew E’s Aussie passport.  That went well because Aussies in general rock, and Len in particular rocks, and because he was amazingly helpful.

3. My older daughter demonstrated her keen intellect and observation skills when, upon departing the Aussie consulate, she said “Dad, how come normally *you* talk to people, but in there mum was the one who talked to him?”  That was awesome, because then I got to explain to her how the world is screwed up in a certain way such that for some reason, it’s we brain damaged guys who end up doing the talking and making the decisions, at least here in America, but that in that case mum did the talking because it was Aussie business and she’s the adult Aussie in our family.  That went well because E is amazingly intelligent, and it totally already shows.  (clearly it’s in the genes, even those of the brain damaged parent =)

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June 21 Arenda

1. I published “My Story” to my blog today (www.upcasteye.blogspot.com) which was a big deal for me because it’s been a process to recognize myself as an individual whose story is one that’s worthy of being told. It happened because I was off of work and bored, because I thought “Hmm, I enjoyed reading Ben’s story on his blog, perhaps I shall do the same,” and because I persisted in writing it for about five hours or so. Yahoo!
2. I began reading “Finding Faith” by Brian McLaren which seems to be the perfect book for where I’m at. This happened because I was off of work and bored, because my parents had recently purchased the book for me for my birthday, and because I picked it up and started reading it.
3. I’m enjoying some icecream cake from my roommate. Yummmmm. This happened because my roommate is kind and generous and offered me some and then served it to me.

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June 20 Benjamin

1. I had the most amazingly delightful time with my Alpha group tonite.  The Alpha course is over, and we all rather liked each other so much that we decided to get together again for dinner, and so Tracy invited us all to her house for dinner, and served us mega scrumptios appetizers and giga scrumptious din dins and yotta scrumptious wine and dessert.  Oh, and the company was good too =).  That went well because my wife dragged me to alpha, and Tony bribed me to keep coming with beer, and then I started to really like the people at my table, and then we decided to get together again.

2. I was reminded today of my old friend John, whom I like rather enormously and hardly ever get to see. Last time I was hanging out with him, he was talking about how he’d been coming to realize that he wasn’t in control of lots of things and that therefore somehow a lot of things didn’t matter in quite the same way, and so he could relax a little.  That has been so helpful for me multiple times since then, and again especially today in a certain situation that arose–just remembering and realizing that I can’t fix other people’s problems or conflicts, and that it’s okay for me not to able to fix them–very relaxing!  That went well because John rocks, and because we are both sort of out in the tails of the distribution in certain similar ways, and we like each other.

3. I’m sitting here eating dumpstered light cheddar and sour cream ruffles potato chips and drinking the last of the coooper’s pale ales, and feeling enormously mellow and … happy. I realized yesterday that since I made it my goal about a year and half or two years ago to work on being happier, I’ve actually made measurable progress.  That’s yotta stokish!  That went well because my brilliant Hungarian intro to psych prof introduced me to Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi and co., and thus I realized that there is a research based way to work toward greater happiness.  very kewl.  (bet you can’t say Csikszentmihalyi five time really fast =) (Here, let me help you out–here’s the IPA pronunciation: [:tʃɪ:k’sɛntmiha:ɪi]) 😉 

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1. I had an enormously fun time at work yesterday.  I met a couple of really kewl funny people and we were just joking and cutting it up and laughing till we cried.  It was awesome.  That went well because there are really funny intelligent people out there and I met a couple of them and engaged.

2. I got to walk around Green Lake with my friend Robert and we had a really kewl conversation which I really enjoyed–we ended up not only walking around greenlake but sitting and talking afterwards for an hour.  That went well because Robert invited me and I engaged in relationship, and because we are similar in some ways, and because he rocks.

2. I was reminded of how amazing kewl Shemaiah is, and how connective and kewl the Last Friday’s thing she does is.  I mean I’ve only ever been to one of them, but I had a really really fun time at that one, and I met Beth there, and it’s lovely knowing that Last Friday’s are lurking there in the background every month so that I can go to another one in the not too distant future. That went well because Robert reminded me in passing of Last Fridays, and because I somehow got on the invitation list and went to that one, and they rock.

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