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July 25, Arenda

1. I hung out with my family this evening and everyone was in a bit of a goofy mood. The highlight of the evening: a clamourous, impromptu, loud and off-key seven-person rendition of Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” (the howling of the phrase “stormy seas” was the best!). This happened because my dad had returned from a week abroad and my mom had invited us all over for dinner… and we all showed up. 🙂
2. I got a loaner vehicle from the autobody shop that is repairing my car, which meant I could return my dad’s truck to him. It also means better fuel mileage! 🙂
3. I worked in my garden today, which was, as usual, a rewarding experience. I love seeing something transform from “overgrown with weeds” to “tidy and weed-free” in the span of an hour or two. This happened because I finally decided to use my time off of work for something constructive… and went well because I persevered until all the weeds had been plucked & chucked.

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1. Today we got to see our friend Diana, who was kind and invited us to go to a movie with her and Tony this evening.  That went well because we have awesome friends, and we were out and about and met up with her.

2. I dragged myself out of bed and went to the wedgewood arts festival with my wife and children, and there was a kewl acapella band called dukes and diva singing, and it was sunny out, and it felt fairly good.  That went well because my superamazing wife was so patient and encouraging.

3. I mananged to get Megs’ air and car reservations for Boston printed out, which she has been asking me to do for some time.  That went well because I just decided to do it finally and stuck to it until it was done.

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  1. I got to comfort Megsie when she was crying yesterday.  That went well because I was present, and we trust each other.

2. We got to be part of the celebration of Natalie getting into architecture school!  Yippee.  That went well because Natalie rocks, and she and Russell seem to rather like us.

3. I made a pretty nice comeback after big losses this last week. That went well because I just kept plugging away at it.

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July 11 Benjamin

Every third day is better than never, I suppose =)

1. I had a brilliant day at work–a fun, crazy, successful day.  That went well because I showed up, and plugged away at it, and I’ve gotten to the point where I’m reasonably good at it =)

2. I had a good meeting with my accountability partner which led to some other good steps as well.  That went well because I showed up, and because I’ve nurtured that relationship, and because he rocks.

3. I had a lovely cuddle and talk with our two girlikins in the morning.  That went well because they trust me, and I love them, and they are awesome, and I stay engaged and involved at some level.

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Oh dear–missed 3 days.

Maybe I should start another separate blog where I can list 3 complaints each day =)

1. Today we got approval in the mail from our renter’s insurance to increase our liability coverage to $300,000, which our landlord had required so we can keep the hot tub.  Which means we can keep the hot tub.  yeehaw!  That went well because I continued to pursue this with my landlord and the insurance company.

2.  (oh dear, I’m out of practice here) Megan expressed to me today that she feels safer when I’m here.  That made me feel happy.  That went well because that’s the way it is, and she told me about it, and I listened. And she rocks.  And I love her.

3. I helped out with household chores today by sorting and putting away the laundry, and I felt proud of myself about that.  That went well because Megan asked me to do it, and I acquiesed.  Yeehaw.

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1. I had a really good 15 minute conversation with my next door neighbor, Eddie, who is a really kewl guy.  That went well because we crossed paths in the front yard and both chose to engage

2. I was really unkind to my wife, and then I realized it, and went and apologized, and she forgave me, and then we were both really nice to each other and sort of …. enjoyed that moment rather a lot. That went well because I’m very human, and I have learned to be more self monitoring than I used to be in my youth, and to apologize quickly, and Megs is amzingly forgiving and gracious and loves me.

3.  I met Dreux and Barbara, and heard a tiny bit of their story, and how they met, and they were just amazingly beautiful, lovely people, and they seem to rather like each other a lot, and I was inspired.  that went well because we got invited to the super awesome Russell and Natalie’s party, and we went, and they always invite really kewl people to their parties.

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1. My two girlikins, after I had done the bedtime ritual with them this evening, as I was leaving the room, each I called out “I love you very much daddy!”, and then “I love you very much daddy!”, one after the other (one after the other).  That went well because I was present, and they love me.

2. Today girl number 2 couldn’t climb onto the trampoline, so she pushed a chair over near it.  But she arranged the chair in such a way that she had to stand on the seat part, and then climb up the back of the chair, and then lean way over to get to the trampoline, which was still about 18 inches away.  She got her head and shoulders on, lost the chair, couldn’t pull herself up, gave several little kicks with her little legs to try to propel herself forward, then gave up and then lowered herself to the ground.  So she went back to try again.  Second time she did it!  Megan and I were unbeknownst to her watching with great interest and merriment.  When she made it we gave each our signature high five and laughed saying “That girl is *so* determined”. That went well because C rocks, and I was present.

3. I managed to download all the photos from Megsie’s cell phone to our laptop. that went well because I spent about an hour getting that software installed a couple months ago, and I remembered to do it for her today again.

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1. I got to play my guitar for 10 minutes today.  I mean I could do that almost any day, but I normally don’t, and I actually like playing my guitar, and so it’s kewl that I did so, as I enjoyed it, and I got to work out the chords to a song whose melody I know which is rather pretty, and that was fun and lovely.  That went well because I was reminded of the song by Dwight and then again in a conversation with Charity, and I decided to pick up the guitar and play it.

2. My lovely Megsie said really nice things to me today like that she loves me and she is really grateful for me.  That went well because she rocks, and she said it, and I listened and took it in and felt all loved and appreciated.

3. My two girls got on the trampoline after dinner, and they were giggling and jumping and they said “Daddy, come jump with us!”.  So I did. And it was really fun.  And then Megsie joined us.  And then Megsie and me lay on the trampoline and stared up into the branches of the enchanted forest in our backyard while giggling girls ran in bouncy circles around us and around us saying “You can’t catch me! you can’t catch me!”  And then we caught them and tickled them and then they got up and ran in circles around us some more.  It was awesome.  that went well because we have such super lovely super amazing daughters, and I chose to be present and engaged.

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July 1 Benjamin

1. Last night I met two ladies who are both in the process of getting divorced, and I felt very sad for them and overwhelmingly grateful for my lovely Megsie, and that somehow things have worked out so that we are both very committed to each other, and in love with each other.  That went well because … well, partially because we have both done rather a lot of hard work at getting healthier individually and at … building our relationship.

2. I got a lot of hours in at work yesterday which is helpful for our finances.  That went well because I just up and did it.

3. I got to hang out and talk with my aunt and uncle Jack and Carol, who are married, and I found the conversation stimulating and challenging, which was good for me.  That went well because I was in the area and dropped by their house.

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