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August 3, Beth

Ack, I keep forgetting to update here. Our life has been so full of blessings that we don’t know what to do with ourselves. I’ll try to relegate it to the … um, daily?

1.  We go in for our second ultrasound tomorrow 😀 I’m pretty excited about this, and I guess it’s a blessing that I’m getting to have so many of them because I’m technically, erm, “high risk.” But… I’m totally excited, moreso than last time, though last time they discovered that it might be twins! (You see what I mean about having too many blessings to list!) I just want some verification 😀

2. Today at work went much better than the rest of this week, because I wasn’t so focused on the negative stuff. Yay! I felt productive and was interested in what I was doing, and accomplished a lot!

3. We’re having friends over for dinner tonight, and I fully expect that to be a very exciting blessing, because they seem like such great people. This happened because I extended an invitation that they accepted! 😀

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