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actual Halloween

1. I had a really kewl, deepish conversation with Geoff and Suzanne today. That went well because they rock and we’ve been committed to hanging out together on wednesdays.

2. I managed to get the reservation set up for the blogger’s dinner.  yeehaw.  that went well because I kept at it.

3. Breakpoint publicly corrected their misquote because I kep after them, thus making christians not look so bad in the eyes of atheists.  I’m not sure why I care, actually, but it seems like a good thing.

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1. I got a lot of work done on the psych 331 project (implicit association test re: atheists) today.  That went well because I got a bit fascinated, and I got to work on it a bit during 499.

2. Megsie made this yotta delicious pumpking soup which we ate by candlelight.  Very kewl.  That went well because I have a super amazing wife who is so kind to me, and who is a great cook.

3. I got to site and read Katie and Long Winter to E and C for about 25 minutes.  That went well because they still think I’m awesome, and I took the time to hang out with them.

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1. I got my new cell phone today, and it’s pretty kewl.  That went well because I maintained my contract for two years and thus got a new one and managed to get it ordered

2. Plus we got the other new free cell phone today, and it was free too, and we are selling it so we can buy a gym membership for megs, which will make her quite happy, methinks.  So that went well because sometimes the universe conspires in your favor (I realize that that last line kind of defeats part of the purpose here.  but I’m too tired to care)

3. I’m pretty sure I did reasonably well on my psych midterm today, which actually surprised me.  that went well because I’m smarter than I generally give myself credit for (which is saying something, actually). 

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wow I’m tired.

 1. Today my wife managed to figure out when I was getting home, and walked down the street with the two girlicans to meet me.  And when they saw me walking up the street, they all started running toward me, holding hands, with great glee and celebration.  That just totally and totally made my day–felt like king of the world for a few moments.  That went well because megs and the girlicans are astoundingly kewl and kind, a yotta brilliant combination, and because I somehow manage to do whatever relational work I need to do in order to remain bearable to the three of them.  or something like that.

2. Had a really fun, engaging, conversation with Bill today.  Just by chance.  That went well because I went to pick megsie and the girl’s up at their house, and bill came home, and we got to talking, and he’s a really kewl guy, and I managed to listen .. at least reasonalby well (well I was intrigued and fascinated, so of course). 

3. Ha–my first week of my behavior change project is done, and all my homework for tomorrow is done, and now I can go to bed after typing this third blessing.  I rock.

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1. Today I had a really great talk with Megsie, and just a great time with her.  That went well because she is the most gracious person I have ever had the chance to know, and because we both have a lot of compassion for each other.

2. Today I had a really lovely time popping up to Maple Leaf church, which is just up the street.  I only pop up there at the end of the service, for the coffee and cookies, so I don’t have to cope with the service.  Everyone is always really nice and engaging (a very strange thing at a church in my experience), and Julie, the pastor, is just yotta kewl.  that went well because I went ahead and popped up there, and because we have such a kewl communityish group just up the street.

3. thankful very much today for the behavior change project which we are doing in my psych 489 class.  egad–highest number class I’ve ever taken. kewl.  almost fifth year.  This project has been inordinately helpful to me, and among other things has gotten me writing here again.  That went well because Christeine rocks, and I am among the more wealthy people in the world who can afford to go to school through year … (well, counting kindergarten) … 17.  Xukes.

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1. Thankful for the lcoal food bank at lake city.  The volunteers are really nice, and it really helps in terms of our budget right now.  That went well cause we are in a really generous/compassionate city, and I made sure to get over there today when they were open

2.I had a really fun, great time talking with Diana this morning.  That went well because I followed up on her suggestion of meeting and I showed up.  And cause Diana is pretty kewl.

3. I had a fun time watching “the hoax” with megsie tonite.  that went well cause I’ve figured out the netflix thing now and also cause I ordered a non “social justice” movie.  (Megs said “It’s not another social justice movie, is it?”) and cause Megs rocks.

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October 19, Benjamin

1.  Today I was super thankful for Megsie, my super amazing wife.  She is just so supportive and encouraging to me in the insanity of school, and taking more than her fair share of the work with the children and so forth. I’m super grateful for that.  That went well because I sorta lucked out and got the super awesome wife, *and* because we’ve both worked really hard to build our relationship over 8 + years.

2. My classmates Itzel, Amanda, and Jennifer, with whom I did a presentation on the Stroop effect in class today, were just really on top of things and worked really hard to make the presentation happen.  they were kind and connective and I really enjoyed working with them.  That went well because I went back to school (with lots of support), and I’m at a really kewl university, and I have reasonably good interpersonal skills which enabled me to interact with them fairly well, and vice versa (okay lets face it they all three have, by default, better interpersonal skills than I do, cause they’re women, and I’m a man.  but I did ok).

3. I’m super thankful today for both my friends Tony and Diana Dollar, with whom I’ve had what might be called a little conflict lately.  I love it that they are engaging with me on that, and we can talk through it.  they are really kewl.  that went well because I am a certain kind of person who is attracted to a certain kind of person, and vice versa, and I’m learning (ever so slowly) that conflict doesn’t mean death.

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note to self:  3 things that went well, and why.

1. I had a really brilliant time with Megs this afternoon.  That went well because I was present and engaged.

2. I got back in touch with a friend I haven’t contacted in 7 years today (Richardo).  That went well because about 4 months ago I finally got a face book accout, and he tracked me down on it.

3. I had a really fun conversation with Geoff from my psych class today. That went well because we arranged to go have a drink after class on wednesdays every week and have followed through.

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