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december 23, Benjamin

1. We went and hung out with my parents and sibling and sibling in law today, and I didn’t say a single rude, shocking, unkind word to anyone the whole time.  That went well because I am maturing.

2.  I got the heater working in our minivan today, which hasn’t worked since we owned it, and burrrrr it’s been cold to drive in, plus in the rain you constantly had to wipe off the inside of the windshield of the fog.  That went well because I finally got over my mental block and just fixed it.  And cause my dad provided brilliant expert advice when it was needed.

3. Today when I was at the auto parts store getting stuff for the minivan, a guy was buying a battery and asked the counter person if anyone could install it.  And he said “no”.  So I said “Would you let me help you?”  And he said “Sure”. So I grabbed a deep well 10 mil. socket and a wratchet and in 3 minutes I had his new battery installed.  And he handed me $20 cash and said thank you.  And I didn’t refuse it.  So that paid for the bits I needed for the minivan heater fix.  That went well because I had the tools, and wanted to help, and I’m good at that sort of thing, and I’ve gotten over the “don’t let people pay you for your help” thing I grew up with.

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1. My wonderful, delightful family – Bens, Eowyn & Cosette

2. Our Christmas tree, our Christmas tree whose branches green delight me!

3. Laughter – silliness, kooky dancing to Christmas carols with bells on our fingers, and Bens’ hearty guffaw!

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December 9, 2007

  1. We got a Christmas tree (we spent over a month’s salary of any of the poorest billion people for it) (wait, I’m not supposed to mention that here).  It’s happily decorated in the corner of our living room.  The girlikins picked it.  It’s a grand fir.  Megans asked me to be engaged and pleasant even thought I find christmas so offputting, and I tried to, and she said just now I had done well.  That went well because I tried.

2. I went and picked up 25 40-pound bags of pellets, and Megsie and I carried them from the van out front to the shed out back.  We carried them one at a time, one each, so together we made 12 trips.  And we talked, and laughed, and felt like we were accomplishing something together. That went well because we rock, and we work on our relationship to keep it growing and well.

3. Coco came over to my easy chair while I was typing just now and she very confidently climbed into my lap as if in all the world that was her very own place.  That went well because Coco rocks, and she still likes me.

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