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July 25, Arenda

1. I hung out with my family this evening and everyone was in a bit of a goofy mood. The highlight of the evening: a clamourous, impromptu, loud and off-key seven-person rendition of Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” (the howling of the phrase “stormy seas” was the best!). This happened because my dad had returned from a week abroad and my mom had invited us all over for dinner… and we all showed up. 🙂
2. I got a loaner vehicle from the autobody shop that is repairing my car, which meant I could return my dad’s truck to him. It also means better fuel mileage! 🙂
3. I worked in my garden today, which was, as usual, a rewarding experience. I love seeing something transform from “overgrown with weeds” to “tidy and weed-free” in the span of an hour or two. This happened because I finally decided to use my time off of work for something constructive… and went well because I persevered until all the weeds had been plucked & chucked.


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June 28 – Arenda

Just one blessing today, but it’s a doozy!
1. My cousin, Heather, had her second baby today! She had had a cesarean section for her first and was really, really hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) this time around. Her doctor, after shaking her confidence by saying her pelvis was likely too small, gave her the go-ahead with one stipulation: that she not go more than two weeks overdue. Today, exactly two weeks overdue, she vaginally gave birth to nine pound, two ounce Nolan Aren!!! I am *so* proud of her!!! This happened because she educated herself about VBACs, hired a doula and, when the time came, did the incredible work of birth!

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June 21 Arenda

1. I published “My Story” to my blog today (www.upcasteye.blogspot.com) which was a big deal for me because it’s been a process to recognize myself as an individual whose story is one that’s worthy of being told. It happened because I was off of work and bored, because I thought “Hmm, I enjoyed reading Ben’s story on his blog, perhaps I shall do the same,” and because I persisted in writing it for about five hours or so. Yahoo!
2. I began reading “Finding Faith” by Brian McLaren which seems to be the perfect book for where I’m at. This happened because I was off of work and bored, because my parents had recently purchased the book for me for my birthday, and because I picked it up and started reading it.
3. I’m enjoying some icecream cake from my roommate. Yummmmm. This happened because my roommate is kind and generous and offered me some and then served it to me.

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1. Birthday Dinner — we had a birthday dinner for my brother, Brian, today.
 This happened because it was my brother’s birthday and because my sister
coordinated things so we’d all be able to get together in the evening.  It
went well because we all set time aside to celebrate Brian’s birthday,
because my sister is an amazing cook, because my brother-in-law-to-be is an
excellent barbequer of meats and because we were kind and cheerful
throughout dinner.
2.  I caught up with my cousin (whom I haven’t seen in years!) via facebook
today.  This happened because I added him as a facebook friend, and went
well because he was funny and charming as always, and because we showed we
were interested in each other’s lives.
3.  Ring Around the Rosy — I got to spend time with my beautiful niece
today, which happened because of the birthday celebration and went well
because she is a happy-hearted and bright little girl that loves the people
in her life — including me!

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