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May 31 Kat

 ( from my awesome sister Kat, who is still working on setting up up a wordpress account. You rock Kat!)

1. I was at work sitting outside at lunch on the grass talking to mom when all of sudden out of the corner of my eye I see someone riding by…. no really an unusuall occurance except for the fact that there he was riding down the road….on his unicycle.  How funny is that.  So that was really unique.
 2. I have this wierd facination with cruching pine cones.  When I see them on the ground I love to crunch them under my shoe.  It is just the most satisfying crunching sound and brings back great memories of camping days of yore. Well  today I went out to my car to get something while at work and I hear a little rustle in the tree right next to my car and turn to see what it is and there on the ground next to my car is a freshly fallen pinecone all ready for me to crunch.  Its wierd I know but mmmm such a treat.  Grin
3.  I found out that I am going to get to go camping in july.
Even though I may not get the day as vacation because I requested it at work but other people allready snagged it I have what called an ESN (emergency short notice) that I can use which is basically a free vacation day that you can use anytime you want.  WOOHOO.


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