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1. My wonderful, delightful family – Bens, Eowyn & Cosette

2. Our Christmas tree, our Christmas tree whose branches green delight me!

3. Laughter – silliness, kooky dancing to Christmas carols with bells on our fingers, and Bens’ hearty guffaw!

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June 17 Meg

1. Singing to God this morning I just got tingles all over with the comfortingness of his love and presence and accessibility.

2. Barbara Kingsolver’s language.  I love the way she uses words.

3. The people I’ve interacted with today: Diana who came for lunch, Benjamin, whom we celebrated as the world’s best daddy, Eowyn, who has a very wobbly tooth, and Coco, miss independence, and Tracy who dresses with flair, and Jennifer with whom one can be very honest.

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Remembering my precious brother Stephen John Jones, who died 20 years ago, and crying as Eowyn, Cosette and I looked at the beautiful pictures Mum and Sam posted on their blogs

 The gentle rain, cleansing the earth

My Bens – his beautiful apology, his kind heart, and the phenomenal time we had this morning together!

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1. Coco, charmingly looking up at me, her eyes twinkling, right now, trying to pull the cushions I’m sitting on!

2. My friend Mary telling me Eowyn shared her cheese stick with Aidan and Keean this afternoon – Mummy is proud!

3. The delicious Amish Shoofly pie I made my family tonight!

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