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June 3 Rachel

I have a lovely trio of summer blessings to share…

1. My handsome and clever handyman hubby has installed our room air conditioner as a through-the-wall unit and it wonderfully cools the kitchen/dining/living room area. He did a great job and it looks very professional.

2. Because the air conditioner is now permanently installed in the wall, it is NOT installed in the kitchen window. Which means it is not blocking the window and I can now see out the window and open and close it and raise and lower the shades. Hooray!

3. But the very best part is that we have now been able to install a flower box outside the kitchen window and it is now filled with…(drum roll, please)… beautiful red geraniums! What could be more characteristic of domestic bliss than red geraniums peeking in a kitchen window?

This morning I was reading an article about the appalling living conditions endured by the Gypsy (Roma) population of Romania. I was reminded again what a luxurious lifestyle I lead as one of the top 10% of wealthiest people in the world. Air conditioning, glass windows and flower boxes! I am indeed grateful.

Benjamin, thank you for leading us in this uplifting exercise!

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